Weekly Update 2010

From the Gallery

by Linda Elliott

18 December 2010

Annie Franklin, Yikikini - white cockatoo, 1990, screenprint - one of the works in Swoop


Fly over to Wagga Wagga Art Gallery and explore the world of birds, bats and other aerial creatures in Swoop, the latest exhibition on display. Featuring prints, watercolours and glass from the Gallery's collections, Swoop also hosts a range of fun activities for artists big and small to let their imaginations soar through the clouds!


Ducks and crows, cockatoos and kookaburras: it's a whole aviary of feathered friends on the walls. Swoop features work by some of Australia's most famous artists, including John Olsen, Barbara Hanrahan and Guy Warren; indigenous artists such as Billy Missi and Charlie Djurrutjini; and master printmakers like Pamela Griffith and Martin King. We've even picked a few pieces from the National Art Glass Collection, and of course, what sort of an exhibition would it be without some feathers and nests?


But Swoop's not just for looking! There's a whole range of activities in store right through the summer holidays. And over at the Botanic Gardens, Collette the Crow and Garry the Galah have joined in the fun with family days in January with games and activities. Collette says, 'I can't wait for all my friends to come along!' and Garry says 'Squawk!'.


Swoop is on display in the Margaret Carnegie Gallery from Friday 17 December, 2010 until Sunday 27 February, 2011. Activity sessions will be held at the Art Gallery and the Botanic Gardens to coincide with the exhibition.


Local Weaving group, Wingadhan Waggada Waybarra - Women of Wagga Weaving (WOWW Project ) has become part of the Australian Museums Cultural Collections.


Members of WOWW Project journeyed to Sydney to hand over fibre and carved items. This project is driven by the Wiradjuri people and the Wagga Wagga community to create fibre craft of significance and contribute to the revival of weaving techniques in the Riverina area.  The group is supported by Wagga Wagga Art Gallery and facilitated by Melanie Evans (Indigenous Trainee Curator).


The WWOW Project was established during the planning stages of the fibre exhibition of Women with Clever Hands: Gapuwiyak Miyalkurruwurr Gong Djambatjmala. The group is comprised of members from the Wagga Wagga Aboriginal Elders group, young women and teachers from Mount Austin High School, Wagga Art Gallery staff, Charles Sturt University staff and mainly Indigenous women from the community. Members include Leanne Archers, Auntie Pat Dacey, Kamika Douglas, Linda Elliott, Auntie Debbie Evans, Melanie Evans, Michelle Gemmell, Auntie Joyce Hampton, Gercahna Kennedy, Auntie Gail Manderson, Julie Montgarrett, Ruby Mott, Auntie Isabel Reid, Emma Stoll, Tahmecca Stoll, Auntie Kath Withers.


Ms Reynolds invited the group to the Australian Museum so that selected works from Yalbalinya Ngurra: Learning side by side and items made post exhibition could be purchased. 27 fibre and 3 wooden objects have been purchased as the foundation of the Wiradjuri collection. The Australian Museum has also committed to an ongoing relationship to collect items as they are exhibited and produced. This is a momentous and an important task as the group evolves to keep reference works for future generations.


Photography, interviews and filming were a part of this weekend for use in the Australian Museum's programs as well as future exhibitions that show the revival of fibre craft in Wiradjuri country and the people who are relearning and passing on this knowledge.  All of the group talked and shared about the items that were being donated to the Museum and were interviewed about their involvement in the project.


The group would like to thank the local Indigenous Cultural Centre and the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery for their support and commitment towards this resurgence of cultural practice in fibre craft.

Look out for the WOWW Projects exhibition coming up in September at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.



WOWW Project members experiencing the Australian Museums' collection of Wiradjuri items



Exhibitions this weekend 

Margaret Carnegie Gallery


Until 27 February 2011


National Art Glass Gallery

Tangerine Gold: Elizabeth Kelly




Activity Days for Swoop: Saturday 8 January, 2011 - Botanic Gardens / Wednesday 12 January, 2011 - Art Gallery / Saturday 15 January, 2011 - Botanic Gardens