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Wiradjuri Sky Stories 

Thursday 17 August through to Wednesday 6 September nightly from 6.00pm – 11.59pm

Wiradjuri Sky Stories is an animated showcase of local Sky Stories, told by Indigenous Elders from the Wagga Wagga community.

With the help of Linda Elliott, digital media producer Yenny Huber consulted with the local Indigenous community to record the knowledge that had been passed on to them over many generations. They told stories about different star constellations, the moon, the sun and the world’s creation.

Yenny researched the scientific foundation behind each story and the history of Indigenous Astronomy in Australia. For tens of thousands of years they observed the night sky, using its secrets to guide them through the Australian landscape. Their unique knowledge of the sky provided a guide for food gathering and hunting and explained many social relations and the origins of life.

All recordings, research and reference images were developed into a scripted storyboard and passed on to animation team Tim Amaro and Alice Peacock. They then translated the content into a series of unique animations that brought the Elders’ stories to life.

Yenny Huber is digital media producer with more than 15 years of experience in the arts and culture in Australia and Europe. She is passionate about innovative projects that actively engage the wider community and specializes in cross-cultural program development. Yenny works in close collaboration with her community partners and demonstrates an innovative approach to her social arts practice and the use of digital storytelling tools like photography, sound and video recroding.

Tim Amaro is a professional animator specializing in animation design, character animation, compositing and video production. He has worked on a wide range of animation productions including several community projects like ‘Yamandhu Marang’, Balang Ganha Bungangbu Burrami’ and ‘The Neural Journey Through Beau’s Brain’.

Alice Peacock is a freelance animator and motion designer. She has a passion for making things move with the ability to see a project through from conception to completion with high production values. Alice's projection Connection is the next projection scheduled for Wagga Wagga, beginning 7 September 2017.