Public Art Advisory Panel

Enlighten 2016, James Farley and Andrew Hagan. Photo credit Andrew Hagan.

Council has established a Public Art Advisory Panel (PAAP) composed of stakeholder representatives to guide the commissioning of public art and management of the Public Art Collection in line with the Public Art Plan.

The PAAP's role is to provide expert advice and contribute to public art project management from commissioning to the completion and public launch of artworks within the commissioning guidelines. The PAAP has the following tasks:

  • Provide expert cultural, artistic and design advice.
  • Appraise and make recommendations for the selection of appropriate artists and proposals.
  • Oversee the commissioning and procurement processes for artworks.
  • Report back to Council for endorsement of the recommendations prior to the commissioning of the artwork.

The PAAP consists of seven members:

  • 1 x Councillor
  • 1 x Cultural Officer
  • 1 x Infrastructure Directorate representative
  • 1 x Manager, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
  • 1 x Industry representative
  • 2 x Community representatives (with relevant arts background)

All representative position terms shall run until August 2016. Where appropriate, advisors (internal/external) with specialist expertise will be temporarily co-opted to the panel to assist decision making.

The current PAAP consists of the following representatives:

Councillor, Wagga Wagga City Council Kevin Poynter
Industry representative, Eastern Riverina Arts Scott Howie
Community representative Sophie Kurylowicz
Community representative Ross Kennedy
Cultural Officer, Wagga Wagga City Council Tracie Miller
Senior Project Management Coordinator, Wagga Wagga City Council David Christiansen
Manager Art Gallery, Wagga Wagga City Council Stephen Payne