Contracts Register

In our register of government contracts you will find information about all current Council's contracts that have a value of $150,000 or more.

For further information please contact the Supervisor Contract Services on 1300 292 442 or 1300 2WAGGA.

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2012-033 Bus Shelters Agreement

2013-019 Auditing Services

2013-020 Banking Services 

2015-019 Environmental Monitoring GWMC 

2015-022 Fire Security Maintenance Services

2015-024 Provision of Professional Services Manage Apprentices and Trainees

2016-002 Provision of Traffic Control Services

2016-007 Project Advisory Services

2016-010 Supply of Memorial Plaques and Supplies

2016-011 Legal Services Supply

2017-04 Sprayed Bituminous Sealing

2017-05 Supply of Swimwear Oasis Aquatic Centre

2017-06 Supply of Ready Mix Concrete & Associated Products

2017-08 Alarm Response Monitoring and Mobile Patrol

2017-09 Road Pavement Material Supply

2017-11 Road Stabilisation Products Supply

2017-12 Supply of Fleet Plant and Equipment

2017-14 Minor Concrete Works

2017-18 Tree Maintenance Services

2017-20 Passenger & Baggage Screening Services

2017-22 Cleaning of Council Buildings

2017-23 Eunony Bridge - Detailed Design Package

2017-24 Waste, Organics and Recyclables Collection Service

2017-26 Recyclables Waste Acceptance and Processing Service

2017-29 Bulk C02 Supply

2017-31 Supply of Plant Maintenance Services - Oasis

2018-03 Roadside Vegetation Management and Grounds Maintenance

2018-04 Winning and Crushing of Gravel

2018-07 Bulk Fuel Supply

2018-10 Bulk Emulsion Supply

2018-12 Insurance Brokerage Services

2018-14 Food and Garden Organics Acceptance and Processing Service

2018-16 Trade Services

2018-17 Cattle Delivery Services

2018-18 Livestock Handling Services

2018-21 Supply of Natural Gas - Oasis

2018-22 Jubilee Park Clubhouse Changeroom Upgrade

2018-26 Forsyth St Pump Station & Mains Construction

2018-27 Print Media Council Notices

2018-28 Footpath Connectivity - Stage 2

2018-31 Floodplain Risk Management Studies & Plans

2018-33 Lawn Cemetery Extension Irrigation

2018-35 Environmental Reporting

2019-05 Geotechnical Testing Services

2019-07 Museum Redevelopment Detailed Designs

2019-09 Provision of Security Services

RFQ2017-529 Supply & Lay Densely Graded Asphalt

RFQ2017-549 Project Management Services Eunony Bridge

2018-528 Road Maintenance Patching Units

2018-539 Supply of One 6x4 Cab Chassis Truck with Aluminium Tipper Body

2018-540 Supply One (1) Street Sweeper

2018-558 Supply of One Wheel Loader

2018-559 Supply of One Footpath Sweeper