Special Trading hours


Queen's Birthday 2017, Monday 12 June 

All other hours normal unless specified

24-hour call centre: 1300 292 442


Trading Hours

Administration Offices, Civic Centre

Closed. After hours emergencies can be reported to the 24-hour call centre on 1300 292 442.


Open, all services operating. Contact airlines directly for any flight information

Art Gallery & National Art Glass Gallery


Civic Theatre & Booking Office

Tickets available online: civictheatre.com.au  

Glenfield Road Animal Shelter


Gregadoo Waste Management Centre (GWMC)

Open, 7am to 4.30pm

Kerbside Waste Collection

No changes


Closed. E-services for free downloads of books, music, films and magazines are available at www.rrl.nsw.gov.au/elibrary

Loans can be extended online at wagga.nsw.gov.au/library and books returned via the book chute.

Lawn Cemetery Office


Livestock Marketing Centre


Museum - Historic Council Chambers Site and Botanic Gardens Site


Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre

Open 9am to 6pm

Rural Waste Facilities

Closed: Tarcutta

Sewer Service Problems

Ph: 1300 292 442

Visitor Information Centre

Open 9am to 5pm