Road Reseal Program 2017/18

The City of Wagga Wagga undertakes its reseal program throughout summer and early spring each year.

What is resealing?

Resealing is a common preventative road maintenance technique where a new coat of bitumen and stone/aggregate is applied over an existing surface.

The City of Wagga Wagga’s annual reseal program extends the life of local roads by:

  • Increasing the surface texture for better tyre friction
  • Sealing cracks in the existing surface to protect the pavement beneath from moisture
  • Preventing the existing surface from further oxidisation (UV degradation)
  • Maintains the surface to a good condition

A total of 70 roads have been identified, and are currently being prioritised to receive part or full upgrades in the 2017/18 reseal program.

About $2M will be spent resealing 33km of road from Lake Albert to Glenfield, Tolland to Kooringal and many more in between. About 10 rural roads are also included in the 2017/18 program.

Maintenance works in the lead up to the reseal program will be required in some of the streets in the program. Crews will undertake these preparation works from September to December.

Residents in streets that are on the 2017/18 reseal schedule will receive letters notifying them of any upcoming preparation works, and again, when the reseal program is delivered from December to February.

The final 2017/18 program is still being finalised. A full list of streets will be available soon.