Working in a road reserve or footpath

Consent under Section 138 of the NSW Roads Act 1993 is required for any works or activities in a public reserve, public road way or footpath (nature strip).

Section 138 of the NSW Roads Act requires that all activities undertaken within Council's road reserve be approved by Council prior to the activities being undertaken. This includes landscaping the footpath area in front of residential homes. To help you obtain appropriate approvals and assist in your works planning, please refer to  the guidelines and link to the application forms below.

Download Backfilling_Road_Reinstatement_WWCC_Eng_Guidelines_Jan_2011.pdf Engineering Guidelines for Road Reinstatement (18KB)

Download Road_Underbore_Minimum_conditions_Jan_2011.pdf Requirements for Underboring a Road (21KB)

Click here to access the application forms for gaining approval to carry out an activity in a Council Road Reserve


Road Reserve Worksite Checklists

Download Site_Supervisor_Audit_Checklist.pdf Site Supervisor Audit Checklist (106KB)

Download Short_Term_Worksites_Daily_Checklist.pdf Short Term Worksites Daily Checklist (115KB)

Download Long_Term_Worksites_Weekly_Checklist.pdf Long Term Worksites Weekly Checklist (114KB)


Landscaping footpath areas

Property owners are encouraged to develop the footpath areas adjoining their properties in accordance with the following guidelines.

Click here to access the Landscaping on Footpaths Application Form


You can email these forms,or any queries to