Gregadoo Waste Management Centre Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

These fees and charges apply for the 2017/18 Financial year.

Gregadoo Waste Management Centre - Disposal Fees

Minimum disposal charge Each$12.00
Domestic putrescible waste Tonne$120.00
General putrescible wasteTonne $130.00
Green wasteTonne$130.00
Penalty rate per tonne for disposal of  >20% level of recoverable material in either Construction Demolition or General Solid Waste Loads. Contamination level will determined by site supervisor. Recoverable materials include cardboard and polystyrene products.This fee has been established as a penalty for disposing of unsorted materials which contain greater than 20% recyclable materials. Council provides free cardboard and polystyrene recycling and also provides a much cheaper rate of $54.50 for sorted materials or customers utilising the transfer station to sort materials onsite.$55.00
Clean & separated rubble, scrap steel or recyclable materials Tonne$55.00
Specialist wastes: e.g. Industrial wastes, medical and asbestos wastes (minimum charge 1 tonne)Tonne$250.00
Car bodiesEach $55.00
Tyres - Large TractorEach$130.00
Tyres - Small TractorEach$95.00
Tyres - Super SingleEach$60.00
Tyres - TruckEach$42.00
Tyres - Truck SmallEach$23.00
Tyres - PassengerEach$14.00
Tyres - BicycleEach$9.50
PolystyreneTonneNo Charge
Cardboard Tonne No Charge
Batteries – (car, trucks etc) EachFree
Oil (up to 20L motor oil etc, does not include cooking oils etc)EachFree
Dead animals - cats & dogsEach$12.00
Dead animals - small stockEach$23.00
Dead animals - large stockEach$95.00
Refrigerative equipment CFC removal (per unit)Each$22.00
Unauthorised or Dumping waste - Cleanup CostsEachActual cost + 15% admin
Unsorted construction demolition waste tonne$190.00
4 free landfill entry days, dates to be determined by Council for domestic waste onlyEachFree
Non specified industrial waste (minimum charge 1 tonne)Tonne$165.00
Gas Bottles up to and including 9kgEach$18.00
Gas Bottles over 9kgEach$23.00
TV and computer under the National Television Recycling SchemeEachFree
Specialist Waste - Asbestos <150kg - minimum chargeThis tariff is to try and help make the disposal of small amounts of asbestos related products more affordable. $105.00
Specialist Waste - Homeowners Asbestos Scheme <150kg with registration and purchase of DIY PPE kit, or up to 5000kg free disposal with a registered licenced contractor. (For domestic properties only, charges are paid prior to disposal)This charge is for the continuation of the Asbestos Pilot Scheme$60.00
Any requests for video footage, photo requests, weighbridge dockets and administration requests (Please note any requests that may relate to privacy issues would be subject to a GIPA request). $23.00

Rural Waste Transfer Station - Disposal Fees

General putrescible waste - minimum chargeEach$12.00
Recyclables (Tarcutta, Mangoplah, Uranquinty, Galore, Humula, Collingullie and Currawarna only )EachNo Charge
General putrescible waste - utility, single axle trailer (1.8m × 1.2m)Each$25.00

Domestic Kerbside Waste Collection

Urban Residential Domestic Waste Management Service Charge - $315 per year
Applicable to all developed residential properties in the waste collection service areas of Wagga Wagga, Gumly Gumly and Forest Hill, Tarcutta, Mangoplah, North Wagga, Oura and Ladysmith.

Rural Residential Domestic Waste Management Service Charge - $315 per year
To be applied to all properties utilising a waste collection service managed by Council, but outside Council's defined waste collection service areas.

Domestic Waste Management Charge - $32.00 per year
To be applied to all developed and undeveloped residential properties in the waste collection service of rural areas including Lake Albert and Springvale not utilising Council's Waste management collection service.

Replacement or additional bins

Replacement for missing/stolen general waste 120L - $47.00

Replacement for missing/stolen 240L recycling - $60.00

Replacement for missing/stolen 240L green waste - $60.00

Additional domestic bin service fee - $105 per bin per year
All properties requesting an additional general waste, recycling or green waste bin will be charged an additional service fee $101 per bin per year.

Commercial Kerbside Waste Collection

Commercial Waste Management Charge – Urban Commercial

Commercial Waste Management Charge - $315.00
To be applied to all developed commercial properties within Council's waste collection service areas of Wagga Wagga, Gumly Gumly, Forest Hill, Tarcutta, Mangoplah, North Wagga, Oura and Ladysmith.

Additional service - $200.00 per service
Available when more than one service is required.

Recycle bin service - $105.00 per bin per year
A recycle bin service may be available subject to council and contractor approval.

Replacement for missing/stolen 240 litre commercial - $60.00

Commercial Waste Management Charge – Small Strata Properties

To be applied to all commercial strata Multi Unit Dwelling (MUD) properties with a parcel area of less than 70 square metres not utilising a Council commercial waste service, and capable of using a waste service funded by the body corporate - $105.00

Other Properties & Fees

Multi Unit Developments (Non Strata) - Residential

Domestic Waste Management Service Charge of $315.00 for each rateable property with an additional bin charge of $105.00 to apply for each additional bin charged in accordance with the provisions of Section 496 of the Local Government Act 1993. For the purposes of the Revenue and Pricing Policy the definition of Multi-Unit developments (Non Strata) involves the development of twenty or more residential units on a site at a higher density than general housing development.

Vacant Land Waste Management Service Charge - $32.00

To be applied to each parcel of undeveloped rateable land within the waste collection service areas of Wagga Wagga, Gumly Gumly, Forest Hill, Tarcutta Mangoplah, North Wagga, Oura and Ladysmith.

For further detail or clarification regarding the above Fees and Charges, please view our Revenue and Pricing Policy, or call Customer Service on 1300 292 442.