Aboriginal Places

Declared Aboriginal Places of Significance

Declaring Aboriginal Places is a way of recognising and legally protecting Aboriginal cultural heritage. Any land in NSW that is deemed to have special significance for Aboriginal culture, including public and private land, can be declared as an Aboriginal Place. Wollundry Lagoon & Tony Ireland Park, Wiradjuri Reserve & Gobba Beach, Bomen Lagoon, Bomen Axe Quarry and Flowerdale Lagoon have all been declared Aboriginal Places by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) in the Wagga Wagga area.
OEH has an ongoing program of assessing and recommending the declaration and gazettal of areas as Aboriginal Places throughout NSW. These declarations are a conservation tool and advance the recognition, protection and understanding of Aboriginal cultural values throughout NSW. The protective benefits of declaration can be augmented by using other tools such as Plans of Management.

The benefits of management planning for Aboriginal Places include:
 Ensuring Aboriginal Cultural values are recognised in regulatory and planning processes;
 Clarifying management roles and better allocation of resources, leading to more effective management and conservation outcomes;
 More effective risk management by considering hazards in advance;
 Management plans can be used in some cases to bid for funding for projects or tasks from private and government sources; and
 Provides opportunities for the community to engage in conservation, site protection and management, including through the intergenerational transfer of culture and economic opportunities where appropriate.