Lake Albert Water Quality

Current Readings

Most recent samples recorded on: 15th March 2017


Blue Green Algae

Bacterial Content

Alert Level


Blue Green Algae readings- what they mean

No Alert Level Triggered GREEN LEVEL
Surveillance Mode
Alert Mode 
Action Mode 
Action Required   
 No restriction. No restriction.
Routine monitoring to measure cyanobacterial levels.
No restriction.
Increased sampling to enable risks to be more accurately assessed  

WWCC and health authorities to warn the public that the water body is considered to be unsuitable for water contact activities, such as swimming, bathing, sailing, skiing or other direct water-contact sports.

Health risks = Skin and eye irritation with prolonged contact. Gastrointestinal complaints (eg. vomiting, diarrhoea) from consumption of water. Boiling water does not remove toxins. Fish may be unsafe to eat due to bioaccumulation of toxins.

Livestock including companion animals can be particularly susceptible to toxins produced by algae.

Bacterial content readings- what they mean

Action Required   
No restrictions of use. Maintain regular monitoring. Advise against primaryc contact. WWCC to erect signs. Maintain regular monitoring.  Advise against ALL use. WWCC to erect signs. Maintain regular monitoring.

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