Record Your Catch

Record Your Catch


Wagga City Council is implementing a program to record fish species caught in Lake Albert.

This program will help us to gain valuable information on the effectiveness of fish restocking programs, the different species of fish present in Lake Albert, numbers of fish and impact of introduced species.

To assist in this process, we are asking anglers to log their catch by sending an email detailing the number and types of fish caught to this address.


Fish Species Indentification

The fish below are most likely to be caught in Lake Albert .

Clicking each individual fish will redirect you to detailed information provided by the NSW Department of Primary Industries- Fishing and Aquaculture


Silver Perch - Bidyanus bidyanus

 Silver Perch


Golden perch Macquaria ambigua

 Golden Perch


Murray cod Maccullochella peelii

 Murray Cod


Redfin perch (Perca fluviatilis)

 Redfin Perch


Carp (Cyprinus carpio)



Freshwater catfish