Bomen Business Park

Bomen Roads

The Bomen Business Park is already a thriving industrial hub. Through significant investment in enabling road and rail infrastructure, the City of Wagga Wagga will unlock new industrial land for development, making Bomen and Wagga Wagga the ideal location for a range of industries to invest in, in particular, large scale industries.

About the project

The City of Wagga Wagga has recognised that improving productivity is critical to the success of the Bomen Business Park. An improved Higher Mass Limit (HML) capable road network, known as the Bomen Enabling Roads project, and the development of the Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics (RiFL) Hub which will help facilitate the effective and efficient movement of freight to and from markets in Sydney, Melbourne and in the future, Brisbane. These projects are critical to existing industry in the region and attracting new industry.


The new-look Bomen Business Park consists of two major projects, and the replacement of Eunony Bridge.

Project one - Bomen Enabling Roads (Completed 2017)

  • Project diary - See how the progress of the Bomen Enabling Roads project unfolded

Project two - RiFL Hub

Project three - Replacement of Eunony Bridge


The Bomen Enabling Roads project has been funded by:

  • State Government - $13.2M ($8.3M for Bomen Enabling Roads, $4.9M for Eunony Bridge replacement)
  • Federal Government - $19.4M ($14.5M for Bomen Enabling Roads, $4.9M for Eunony Bridge replacement)
  • City of Wagga Wagga - $12.5M (Bomen Enabling Roads).

RiFL Hub:

  • In August 2018 the owner of the biggest freight volume in the region, Visy Logistics, partnered with Wagga Wagga City Council on the proposed Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics (RiFL) Hub. The parties entered into a Heads of Agreement
  • The aim of the Public-Private Partnership is for Visy Logistics to fund the construction of the freight terminal and then operate the freight terminal on a long-term lease. Read more

Want more?

Take a look at what the $40M Bomen Enabling Roads project looks like from the air at Council's YouTube page.