RiFL Hub

A significant regional centre, Wagga Wagga is centrally located in New South Wales, between Sydney and Melbourne. This location offers excellent access to all state capital cities, from Brisbane to Adelaide.The Riverina Intermodal Freight & Logistics (RiFL) Hub will capitalise on this excellent location and access to capital cities by improving rail and road connection between Wagga Wagga and its position on the important Sydney to Melbourne rail line.

The RiFL Hub, project two of the Bomen Business Park redevelopment, will consist of (subject to viability and negotiations):

  • Rail infrastructure, including a master siding servicing the intermodal terminal
  • Installation of turnouts off the Main Southern Railway Line to facilitate construction of the RIFL Hub Master Siding
  • Intermodal terminal for the transfer of containers between road and rail development
  • Adjoining industrial land development

RiFL Hub 3D image

FUTURE VISION: Intermodal Freight & Logistics (RiFL) Hub concept design.

Project milestones

The following major milestones have taken place in the creation of the RiFL Hub:

-The State Government announced a funding commitment to develop RiFLs 5.8km master rail siding (August).  
- In August the owner of the biggest freight volume in the region, Visy Logistics, partnered with Wagga Wagga City Council on the proposed Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics (RiFL) Hub. The parties entered into a Heads of Agreement.
- The aim of the Public-Private Partnership is for Visy Logistics to fund the construction of the freight terminal and then operate the freight terminal on a long-term lease. Read more
- Council's RiFL Hub project is shortlisted for the NSW Government funding support through the Fixing Country Rail funding program. A full application was lodged in February 2018

- City of Wagga Wagga and Genesee & Wyoming Australia (GWA) sign a Framework Agreement. The Framework Agreement established a sound legal and commercial platform between the parties for the RiFL Hub project.
- The $35M Bomen Enabling Roads project is officially opened in November 2017.

- Construction starts on Bomen Enabling Roads.

Nov 2015
- City of Wagga Wagga resolved to enter into an Exclusivity Agreement with Genesee & Wyoming Australia (GWA) in relation to the Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics (RiFL) Hub project. The next step was a period of disclosure and negotiation between the City of Wagga Wagga and GWA to determine whether the RiFL Hub project is commercially viable and if so, to agree on the contractual and legal terms to deliver and operate the RiFL Hub. An Exclusivity Agreement sets out the terms and conditions that negotiation and disclosure will be undertaken to reach agreement on the RiFL Hub project documents.

2009 - 2015  
- The City of Wagga Wagga identified the Bomen Business Park as its preferred location for industrial development and a Strategic Master Plan was completed in 2009.
- A core feature of the Bomen Master Plan is the RiFL Hub, with the aim of making Bomen attractive for industrial development by having superior logistics facilities and infrastructure.
- During 2011 – 2013 due diligence was undertaken on the project and funding sought from the Federal Government. Upon securing funding support in 2013, the City of Wagga Wagga formally engaged with the private sector with the intent of finding a party to deliver the RiFL Hub with.
- In 2014, following an Expression of Interest (EOI) process, the City of Wagga Wagga entered into negotiations with Traxion regarding the RiFL Hub. The project concept progressed significantly until April 2015 when Traxion entered into voluntary administration.
- In response to this set back, the City of Wagga Wagga invited several parties to participate in a market-testing process. This process had the general purpose of enabling the City of Wagga Wagga to select a proponent with whom to enter an Exclusivity Agreement (a period of due diligence) and negotiate contractual documents for the RiFL Hub.

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