Special Activation Precinct

Bomen (Wagga Wagga) is a strategic industrial zone being developed by the state to ensure NSW remains competitive and connected to the global market. In order to develop thriving business hubs, the NSW government will work to establish this Special Activation Precinct (SAP) by:

  • Fast-tracking planning
  • Developing tailored infrastructure investment support
  • Conducting government-led studies - includes; environmental reports, master-planning and market analyses
  • Leading development
  • Providing a business concierge service to support development

Detailed information about Special Activation Precincts can be found on the NSW government website.

RIFL Visualisation

image: concept visualisation of rail hub and potential industrial lots

This significant investment from state government will accelerate the expansion of the Bomen industrial area and will feature:

  • 1,050 hectares heavy industrial zoned greenfield land — up to 10 hectare lots
  • Land costs 1/10th of an equivalent block in Western Sydney
  • Direct rail interface managed by Visy Logistics
  • Established industry operating in area — Teys Australia, Riverina Oils & Bio Energy, Enirgi, Southern Oils, Livestock Marketing Centre, Proway and more

To find out how your business can accelerate its growth by establishing in the Bomen Special Activation Precinct, contact:

Andrea Crossley - 02 6926 9131, Crossley.Andrea@wagga.nsw.gov.au

Dominic Kennedy - 02 6926 9145, kennedy.dominic@wagga.nsw.gov.au