Permanent ID and Registration

Maltese puppy wearing a collar

Pet cats and dogs are required by law to be marked with permanent ID (microchipped) and also given a one-off lifetime registration.

You can register your pet at the Glenfield Road Animal Shelter, at the Council customer service desk, or online via ServiceNSW.

Cats and dogs must be registered by the time the animal is six months of age.

Permanent Identification (Microchipping)

Cats and dogs must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age. Microchipping enables vets and other animal workers to reunite pets with their owners. There is a bar code on the microchip that is implanted by your vet that will have all of the information you supplied at the time.

Microchipping can be carried out by a vet or at the Glenfield Road Animal Shelter, and is painless. The chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice and is usually placed between the shoulders - it is similar to them receiving immunisation injections.

A pet can be microchipped and registered in a single sitting at the Glenfield Road Animal Shelter.

Lifetime Registration

Lifetime Registration takes place after you have your dog microchipped and must be arranged and paid for through your local Council. As the name suggests, this is a "one off" payment unlike the old annual tag system previous to 1999.

Registration makes sure your pet is provided with all the protection and regulation that the Companion Animals Act and Council can provide. The Act provides Council with a range of powers and responsibilites to ensure companion animals and their owners coexist with other members of the community who chose not to own cats or dogs.

You will need to have your animal microchipped PRIOR to registration and bring with you any necessary documentation such as microchip details, sterilisation certificate (if you wish to pay the cheaper desexed registration rate), breeder's card or pension card.

Council doesn't set or keep the fee for registration.


The fees for Permanent Identification and Lifetime Registration are listed on our Fees and Charges page.