Cemetery Mapping Portal

The Wagga Wagga Cemetery Mapping Portal is a way for people to easily locate their deceased relatives within the cemetery controlled by the Wagga Wagga Council.

The Portal provides search capabilities, an overall map with pointer, as well as the abilities to zoom and pan around the map.

Launch the portal

In addition to the Portal, there is a print-out available which can help relatives throughout the journey to (and around) the cemetery, making a visit to the cemetery less confusing. The print-out provides an overall map view with surrounding streets, a sectional view of the cemetery with inner-cemetery roads shown to allow the user the ability to find parking close to the grave, and finally a grave-area view which allows the user to see the surnames of surrounding grave-sites.

Please note the Cemetery Mapping Portal now supports mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

Cemetery Mapping Portal User Guide

A Cemetery Mapping Portal user guide (PDF, 472.1 KB) has been created to assist users.

Cemetery Mapping Portal Questions

If you have any difficulties using the portal, please submit an enquiry.

Alternatively, you can phone Council's Customer Service Centre on 1300 292 442.