Family Day Care

Family Day Care is a national network of experienced education and care professionals, committed to providing a unique, flexible, family focused education and care experience for all families. Family Day Care is supported, promoted and guided by Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) and delivered locally with the support of Co-ordination Units.

Wagga Wagga Regional Family Day Care (WWRFDC) was established in Wagga Wagga in 1975, with the Co-ordination Unit being located in the Wagga Wagga Civic Centre, corner Morrow and Baylis Streets. It is a community based non-profit organisation, which is supported by Wagga Wagga City Council, with educators being self employed business operators working under the licence held by WWCC.

WWRFDC provides quality education and care for children up to 13 years of age in the homes of a network of approved Family Day Care Educators who are monitored and supported by our professional early childhood trained Co-ordination Unit. Educators provide a safe, secure and stimulating education and care service in a small home-based environment for your children. This allows the opportunity for you and your children to develop a close and personalised relationship with your Educator.

WWRFDC prides itself on being an education and care service of excellence for families and children, a service that has met the National Quality Standard for education and care.

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Wagga Wagga Regional Family Day Care Policies and Procedures (1.6MB)

Parent Handbook

This document features the relevant policies, procedures and documents which parents need to be aware of:

The Parent Handbook can be found here

Prospective Educator Handbook

The Prospective Educator Handbook outlines the accreditation and attributes you need to have in order to become an Educator:

The Prospective Educator Handbook can be found here


Family's testimonials

1. "We love Family Day Care because it is a small intimate setting just like our own home and would recommend it to any family looking for individualized education and care."  - Nicole Dunn

2. "We certainly struck gold with our Educator. Not only was our Educator respectful of our needs, and took the time at the end of the day to discuss the day's events but she totally understood the individual needs of the children she cared for.

Our Educator treats her day care children like one of her own. Birthdays are special days and little "parties" are given to celebrate each milestone in the child's life. Being at work we miss out on so much so we treasure the photos taken.

The Educator has paved the way for our child's future academic abilities, which we are so proud of. Our Educator is like finding a little piece of day care heaven."

3. "I am so happy with how easy my daughter has settled in to day care. I can see that she enjoys being with her Educator and she is really happy at the end of the day when I pick her up."

Parent testimonials

1. "I think my child socially benefits from family day care, he gets to spend his days with the same little group of children and gets familiar with them, therefore its easier for him to recognise and form friendships with the children."

2. "Our oldest was only 12 months when we first put her into child care, and I found the child care centres to be quite chaotic and busy - as she wasn't even walking yet, I felt like she would just get lost in a corner somewhere. I hadn't heard of Family Day Care before, but looked into it when it was recommended by a friend. As soon as we met our current Educator we knew that this was the perfect environment for our child.

We have now been with our FDC family for nearly 3 years, and our second child has been going there for almost a year as well. The whole family there is wonderful, our kids love it there, and we are happy and confident that our children are receiving close attention and care - just like a second family looking after them."

3. "FDC offers a much closer relationship between our kids and their Educator, and a more "family" type of environment, compared to the "school" type of environment offered at a regular child care centre."

Co-ordination unit's testimonials

1. "I came across your excellent Policies and Procedures Manual for Wagga Wagga Regional Family Day Care from your website. I would like to use aspects of this manual to illustrate correct presentation and layout"  - Brisbane Career College