Our Philosophy

Children high fiving


To ensure quality outcomes for families and children – every child, every day in care.

We achieve this by our commitment to

  • Viewing each child as a capable and competent learner and acknowledging children learn best through a play based program.
  • Putting the rights of children first and being an advocate for children.
  • Providing individualised care responsive to child and family needs.
  • Assisting children to develop a strong sense of belonging and wellbeing by acknowledging and building on their strengths.
  • Giving priority to nurturing relationships with all children.
  • Striving for equality and inclusion for all children.
  • Respecting relationships with families and caregivers.
  • Respecting culture and understanding and honouring difference.
  • Building strong partnerships with community.
  • Maintaining high standards in education and care to ensure a positive impact on children’s learning and development.
  • An ongoing cycle of reflection and review.
  • Generating new ideas through professional development and improved practice.


WWRFDC values respectful relationships, honesty, inclusive practices and ethical decision making.

We demonstrate these values by

  • Building positive relationships.
  • Collaborative decision making through consultation and advisory groups.
  • A commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Being an advocate for children and families.
  • Recognising various perspectives from the cultures included in our community including the Wiradjuri culture.
  • Communicating openly and freely.

We are guided by the Australian Early Childhood Code of Ethics, the Education and Care Services National Law, the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011, the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place.