Kunming 24 ° N 102 ° E, Leavenworth 39 ° N 94 ° W, Nördlingen 48 ° N 10 ° E

Emily Wills

Kunming 24 ° N 102 ° E, Leavenworth 39 ° N 94 ° W, Nördlingen 48 ° N 10 ° , 2017

Kunming 24 ° N 102 ° E, Leavenworth 39 ° N 94 ° W, Nördlingen 48 ° N 10 ° E is a public artwork celebrating Wagga Wagga's special relationship with its three sister cities - Kunming (China), Leavenworth (USA) and Nördlingen (Germany).

Emily Wills of SURFACE 1°22 drew inspiration for the artwork from the City of Wagga Wagga’s civic collection of cultural items as well as travel memorabilia from Sister City Committee members. The Sisterm City Walkway, wrapped in colour and pattern, celebrates the unique relationship and cultural exchange between Wagga Wagga and the three sister cities.

Kunming 24 ° N 102 ° E

Motifs have been inspired by the rooster, moon and geometric shapes from the Kunming City Badge, woven silk floral embroideries, stylised clouds and waterlilies from a Horticulture Expo '99 plate and a V-shaped armour from a Terracotta warrior statue.

Leavenworth 39 ° N 94 ° W

Motifs have been inspired by the organic shapes of a 1976 Bicentennial Plate, tessellations of the American flag on Leavenworth Main Street, The Leavenworth Eagle - a painting by Ken Walker and the Fort Leavenworth Crest.

Nördlingen 48 ° N 10 ° E

Motifs have been inspired by the Nördlingen City Wall and views from the Daniel Tower including the tiled rooftops of the Historic Town, the Imperial Eagle from the Nördlingen Coat of Arms, a Medieval Key, travel maps and brochures depicting Nördlingen Gate Tower, the old Mill and Museum. 

Emily’s work as a surface pattern designer combines traditional art making methods with digital technology, producing one-of-a-kind patterns and wallpapers. Fusing visual communication with a fascination for the applied arts, Emily enhances public spaces through ornamentation and decoration.