Community campaigns

Reflect Respect

Reflect Respect – A modern day guide for gentlemen was initially launched in 2018 by Wodonga Council and the Wodonga Family Violence Taskforce to reduce incidents of intimate partner violence by addressing the underlying gendered drivers.

As part of theDVproject:2650, Wagga City Council partnered with Wodonga Council to build on the existing campaign to launch a second edition guide, with an additional 12 tips alongside of other TV and radio campaigns.

The guide aims to address the rates of domestic violence by challenging the subtle things we say and do, which lead to gender inequality and disrespect.

Reflect Respect campaign is focused on challenging social norms, attitudes and behaviours to help promote respectful relationships at home, in the workplace and other social settings to increase support for gender equality in our community. Council is working hard to build a resilient and respectful community where everyone is valued and gender equality is normalised.

Find out more on the Reflect Respect campaign.

16 Days of Activism

Each year, from 25 November to 10 December, World Human Rights Day, the 16 Days of Activism campaign calls for action against one of the world’s most persistent violations of human rights – violence against women.

Council is committed to raising awareness about gender-based violence, challenging discriminatory attitudes and calling for action to end violence against women.

Each year we will continue to promote 16 Days of Activism on our public social media pages, as well as promoting key messages on the external Council building walls through a light projector.

My story. Our story – An event with Ray Martin

My Story. Our Story was held in June 2019 with keynote speaker Ray Martin, and a panel of community leaders, to start an important conversation about how how we can all be part of the solution locally.

Ray Martin shared his experience of domestic violence as a child and talked about the importance of changing the attitudes of our boys and our brothers and our fathers and our grandfathers.

“It’s not going to be quick, but we’ve changed attitudes about smoking, we changed attitudes about seatbelts and we can change attitudes towards gender equality and respect towards women,” said Ray Martin.

A live question and answer session held by the panel followed giving the audience the chance to address community concerns and talk about preventative activities and initiatives.

Questions from the evening highlighted the public’s interest in working through this problem, with a lot of interest in the links between inequality and disrespect and how these can lead to violence against women.

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Voice against violence workshops with Alan Tongue

Former Canberra Raiders captain Alan Tongue hosts workshops with schools and sporting clubs, teaching young people about equity, respect and healthy relationships.

The NRL’s community program- Voice against violence uses the power of Rugby League to lead and inspire people.

The purpose of the Voice Against Violence workshops is to increase participant’s awareness and understanding of the serious issue of gender-based violence. Participants are provided with insights into what this violence is, the different forms it takes, the consequences and why it occurs, and what we can do as a community to prevent it.

Here in Wagga, we have been fortunate to have Alan Tongue visit and work with various community groups through a partnership between Council and the Canberra Raiders.