Equity and respect at Wagga City Council

In 2018 Council adopted the project title Equity and Respect to distinguish between the activities of theDVproject:2650 and the internal project activities.

Part of the Equity and Respect project is to look at where inequalities exist within Council and make improvements to make it a more respectful and equitable workplace.

The Equity and Respect team are responsible for creating organisational change over the three-year project through a range of strategies. These strategies include: changing structures and processes, educating staff, reviewing policies and procedures to encourage staff to share their opinions and ideas on how we can all do better in promoting gender equity and respect in the workplace.

The team is currently rolling out an education program covering nine equity and respect topics over two years. This program aims to educate our staff about what drives violence against women and their children and prepare council staff as ambassadors for change across the whole community.

Read our latest fact sheet on Barriers to empowerment and gender equality (PDF, 502.9 KB).

Inclusive language guide

Normalising gender equity in public and private life is a focus of our Council.

The Equity team has developed an inclusive language style guide to ensure all Council documents use gender neutral and inclusive language to create a respectable and equitable community.

The style guide covers: gendered and inclusive terms, gender-based expressions, masculine and feminine words, terminology for sexual orientation and definitions and expressions when discussing equity and respect.

Read our Gendered/inclusive language guide (PDF, 292.4 KB).