Sector collaboration & engagement

Enlighten for Equity

A whole-of-community project is needed to improve positive and respectful behaviours and attitudes from an early age.

Enlighten for Equity brings together creativity and education in a youth-based project, working with primary and high school students from public and private schools across Wagga Wagga.

Stage three primary school students have developed posters, which reflect their understanding of what equity and respect means to them and the greater Wagga Wagga community.

Design and technology high school students will then create 3D mock-ups, using the concepts and ideas from the primary school student’s posters, to construct an interactive installation piece for placement at the re-developed Riverside Precinct.

To find posters from your school, visit the Enlighten for Equity school posters page.

Southern Sports Academy

As part of theDVproject:2650 we have a role to engage with different sectors in Wagga Wagga to create change across a range of sectors. We are working with organisations, businesses, clubs and community groups in Wagga to develop prevention focused resources, which can be used for years to come.

One of the resources we are developing is an eLearning module for Southern Sports Academy, focusing on respectful relationships, gender norms and bystander behaviour in sport in an age-appropriate context.

It is hoped that the eLearning module will increase support for gender equity and respect in day to day lives of the Southern Sports Academy athletes and support them with their personal development whilst training.

Business chamber

Wagga Wagga has a strong business community across many sectors, which benefit the city’s future as a vibrant and growing regional centre.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) seals a two-year agreement between the Wagga Wagga City Council and the Wagga Business Chamber to engage local business and identify opportunities for the city’s economic development.

The MOU will enable a development of partnerships and an opportunity to promote activities of theDVproject:2650 to the wider community. The Equity team will continue to engage with the business chamber to promote the project and seek opportunities for further partnerships.

It is important to have messages of equity and respect weaved into all areas of our community, and business leaders in small, median and large enterprises all have a role to play.

If you are a business owner wanting some information or to get involved in our campaigns, please reach out.