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Access To or Activities On Council Roads and Reserves


Long Term Worksites Weekly Checklist (113.9 KB)

Short Term Worksites Daily Checklist (115.3 KB)

Site Supervisor Audit Checklist (106.0 KB)

Traffic Control Plan Risk Assessment Checklist (114.6 KB)

PDF Forms

Access to Council Reserves Application Form (90.2 KB)

Access to Council Reserves - Additional Information Sheet (53.8 KB)

Application for Consent to Operate a Crane on the Road Reserve (279.9 KB)

Application for Grazing Stock on Council Roads (148.9 KB)
If you wish to apply to graze sheep or cattle on the roadside you are required to submit a Stock Grazing Permit. On submission of your application you must also provide a copy of your $20 million Public Liability Insurance.

Portable Traffic Signals (95.9 KB)

Hoarding Permit Application (92.4 KB)

Location Risk Assessment.pdf (74.7 KB)

Landscaping of Nature Strips - Guidelines and Application (1.7 MB)

Speed Zone Authorisation Application (106.8 KB)

Section 138 - Work on a Road Reserve Application Form (245.1 KB)

Booking a Council Facilitiy


Liquid Trade Waste

Other Forms

Public Health Forms


Street Activities on a Footpath

If a business wishes to utilise the footpath area for Alfresco Dining or wishes to place an advertising structure eg an A-frame or merchandise on the footpath, then they need a lease agreement with Council to use the footpath area.
Note: Please read Street Activities on Footpath Policy (POL 041) before applying for the below.

PDF Forms

Display of Goods - Commercial Application Form (130.7 KB)

Display of Goods - Fundraising Street Stall (307.0 KB)

Display of Goods - Promotional Event Application Form (127.8 KB)

Street Furniture Application - Outside CBD (105.5 KB)

Street Furntiure Application - CBD (310.5 KB)

Trees & Vegetation

Online Forms

Permit to Clear Vegetation (Trees) (Online Services Form)

Street Tree Request Form (Online Services Form)
Submit a request relating to tree pruning, tree removal, fallen branches, tree health, vandalism etc

PDF Forms

Permit to Clear Vegetation Form (378.5 KB)
Please refer to the Wagga Wagga Development Control Plan 2010 - Section 5 - Natural Resource and Landscape Management when filling out this application form.