Application for permission to fly a drone on Council land

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Details of hire

I/We are attaching evidence of my/our organisations current public liability insurance covering the use of the drones in public space. The policy must have a minumum public liability cover of $20 million.

Drone/s is/are used for

1. I/We confirm that the booking details set out above are correct. *

2. I/We confirm a copy of the insurance covering the drone activity is attached. *

3. I/We confirm that the pilot is registered with CASA. *

4. I/We confirm a copy of the drone operator certification is attached. *

5. I/We have read and understood the Wagga Wagga City Council ‘Conditions of Hire’ and agree to abide by these conditions. *

6. I/We confirm that we will ensure that our activies will not interfere with the privacy or detract from the enjoyment or recreational activities of other users groups during the duration of our booking. *