Apply for temporary event signage on Council land

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Applicant details

Before completing this form please ensure you have read the Temporary Event Signage Guidelines. These guidelines provide details on the types of permitted signs, the terms and conditions of Temporary Event Signage and further details on signage locations.

eg. banner/flag/corflute and size dimensions

Booking information

Please note signs must not be displayed more than two weeks prior to your event. Signs must be removed two days after your event.

Please list dates for signage for the 12 month period.

Number of signs

Locations requested A maximum of four permitted. Please see Guidelines for more information on the below locations.

Your commitments as a User

The user ensures they have organised for their sign to be made in time for the booking and that it meets the specifications outlined in the Conditions of Use. Signs are to be made of good quality canvas or corflute. Council reserves the right to remove any signs that are not good quality.

It is the user's responsibility to erect and remove the signs within the time frames specified. The user must be aware that they do not have the sole booking of the chosen location.

The user has read and understood the Wagga Wagga City Council Conditions of Use and agrees to abide by these conditions. *