Application for Registration - Hairdresser, Beauty or Skin Penetration Premises

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- All premises must provide a floor plan outlining rooms, equipment, fixtures and fittings in the premise. (e.g. include beds, sinks, storage areas, floor, wall and ceiling finishes).
- Mobile premises must provide registration details and a description of the vehicle.


I declare that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this application is accurate and correct *
<strong>I hereby declare that I have read and will comply with Part 2 (Hairdressers) Part 3 (Beauty Salons) of Schedule 2 from Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 made under Local Government Act 1993 and that if skin penetration procedures are carried out I will ensure compliance at all times with Public Health Regulation 2012 made under Public Health Act 2010</strong> *

Click HERE for public health legislation, FAQ sheets and brochures relating to the Hairdressing, Beauty and Skin Penetration industry.

Please Note:
- A skin penetration operator must not carry out a procedure unless they are registered with the local council.
- You must also notify Wagga Wagga City Council when any of the above details change, including business ownership, location or the procedures conducted.