Scores On Doors - Participation Agreement

Terms of Participation

1. Period of participation

You agree to participation in the Scores on Doors Program until such time as Council receives written notification requesting termination of participation or unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with its terms.

2. Opting out

You may not opt out of the Scores on Doors Program unless Council receives written notification requesting termination of participation after the minimum period of 3 months, even if you are dissatisfied with your rating.

3. When you are rated

  • 3.1. You are rated under the Scores on Doors Program at each unannounced routine inspection carried out by an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) as part of existing food safety inspection functions.
  • 3.2. Upon request for the purposes of re-issuing a grade under the Scores on Doors Program, a re-inspection may be undertaken. However businesses will not be eligible for a re-inspection until after a minimum three month period from the initial inspection. All re-inspections will be charged as per Council’s Revenue and Pricing Policy.
  • 3.3. If an EHO investigates a complaint and that complaint is validated, or if Council inspection reveals that high food safety standards are no longer being maintained, the rating assigned to your business will be removed.

4. Basis of your rating

  • 4.1. Your rating is based on your level of compliance with the Food Standards Code at the date and time of the inspection conducted, as assessed and scored by an EHO using a standard inspection checklist. Points are accumulated for non-compliance as set out by the Food Regulation Partnership Assessment Report (FPAR).
  • 4.2. Ratings for the purposes of the Scores on Doors Program are listed below:

5. Certificate

Within seven (7) days of a food safety inspection, an EHO will issue your business with a Scores of Doors rating Certificate. The Certificate remains at all times the joint property of NSW Food Authority and Wagga Wagga City Council.

6. Display of Certificate on the premises

  • 6.1 Unless you request a review of a rating in accordance with the agreement you must display your Certificate within 24 hours of its receipt.
  • 6.2 You must not display a false Certificate or a Certificate that is not the most recently issued Certificate.
  • 6.3 If you request a review of your rating in accordance this agreement, you must display your Certificate (or, if a revised Certificate is issued the Certificate) within 24 hours of the review being completed.
  • 6.4 Your Certificate must be displayed in a highly visible location preferably at the public entrance or close to the public serving counter of the business premises.

7. Publication of your rating by Council

Should a rating of “Excellent” be awarded, the Environmental Health section of the Council may identify your business and publish your rating on its website. If you do not wish for your business details to be published please notify an EHO in writing within 24 hours of an inspection.

8. Review of your rating

  • 8.1 If you are dissatisfied with the Scores on Doors rating issued to your business you may request Council to review the rating by completing and lodging a Reinspection Request. Please note that a reinspection does not guarantee a higher score then what was previously awarded.
  • 8.2 Should a new rating be issued, the previous rating will be removed from the premises and replaced with the most current Certificate.

9. Term and Termination

  • 9.1 This Agreement continues until it is terminated in accordance with this clause.
  • 9.2 This Agreement automatically terminates if: i. Your business is sold; or ii. A change of director or proprietor occurs; or iii. A change of trading address occurs; or iv. If the Scores on Doors Program is terminated.
  • 9.3 Council may terminate this agreement at any time by notice to you if you breach any of its terms.


I agree to the terms of participation *