Public Address Application Forms and Guidelines

All Council Meetings are open to members of the public.

Members of the public wishing to address at a Council meeting regarding agenda items, must complete the appropriate Public Address Form and return it to Council by 12 noon, on the day of the meeting.

Council Meeting Guidelines

  1. Each applicant wishing to address a meeting of Council is required to make application to do so to the General Manager by 12 noon on the day of the meeting on the form prescribed.
  2. Each applicant wishing to address a meeting of Council is required to do so in person or by remote access. eg teleconference or video feed. Please note: That due to the changing COVID-19 situation, Council will confirm arrangements with those providing a public address on the day of the meeting.
  3. Each applicant must include, on the application form, details of each item to be included in the address.
  4. The address may relate to any item on the agenda to be considered by Council/Councillors at that meeting, subject to the applicant having a direct interest in the matter.
  5. Applicants should provide a copy of their address and any related documentation with their application. Applications which fail to meet this criterion may be refused.
  6. The General Manager, or their representative, will determine applications
  7. Where more than the maximum number of presenters (maximum of four per session; two speakers for the subject, and two speakers against) has applied to address the meeting, the selected speakers will be determined based on the time of their application.
  8. Applicants will be advised of the result of their application by 2:00 pm on the day of the meeting. It is important that Applicants provide a relevant contact number for this purpose.
  9. The Public Address session is conducted in accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice:
    1. The public address session will be held at the time listed in the Agenda for the meeting, or at a time during the meeting determined as appropriate by the meeting Chairperson
    2. The Chairperson will announce each party addressing Council and the subject of the address
    3. The Chairperson will determine the order of speakers addressing Council
    4. The public address session will be restricted to a total of thirty minutes per agenda item unless Council, by resolution, decides otherwise.
    5. Each applicant is restricted to one address of up to five minutes.
    6. Each speaker may be granted, by resolution of Council, one extension of time only, amounting to one minute, for the purpose of concluding their address. No further extensions of time are permitted.
    7. Addresses on the same or a related subject are restricted to a maximum of four per session; two  speakers for the subject, and two speakers against.
    8. Each speaker is required to state their name and address, organisation (if applicable) and interest in the issue before speaking
    9. Presentations should be courteous and concise. Personal allegations against Councillors and/or staff may not be made. A member of the public making such allegations forfeits immediately the opportunity to address the Council/Forum. The Mayor/Chairperson shall insist that an offending speaker cease speaking.  At the conclusion of an address a question and answer period is available for Councillors to clarify issues raised in the address.
  10. The proceedings of the Council meeting, in open session, may be recorded by tape and/or video by the media and will be Livestreamed on the Internet. Speakers do not have protection of privilege in respect of anything said or any material presented to the Council or Public Forum.

You can also download a copy of the Council Meetings Guidelines to print.

PDF Printable Application Forms