About our Reporting Framework

Council plans for our community, then reports on its implementation of these plans. Our major reporting takes place through Annual Reports, Quarterly Performance Reports and End of Term Reports.

Annual Report

The Annual Report is a major point of accountability between Council and the community, outlining Council performance against the annual schedule of services and projects adopted in Council's Operational Plan as well as the performance against Council's adopted four year Delivery Program.

The Annual Report also provides highlights of specific programs and projects that have been delivered in the financial year as well as some quick facts that you may have not known about Council.

Annual Reports also provide Audited Financial Statements for the same period.

Past Annual Reports can be accessed here.

Quarterly Performance Reports

Four times a year, Quarterly Performance Reports are provided to the community as a means of tracking the progress of our Delivery Program.

End of Term Report

The End of Term Report provides a summary of the progress on the implementation and effectiveness of the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) in achieving the social, environmental, economic and civic leadership objectives during Council's term.