Snapshot 2017/18

Featured in this Annual Report are just a sample of achievements and highlights of activities Council delivered in 2017/18. These snapshots showcase a variety of events, programs, services and projects that promote an inclusive, connected, innovative and thriving Wagga Wagga and deliver on the needs and expectations of the local community, as outlined in the Community Strategic Plan.

What were we working towards?

Community Leadership and Collaboration

What does Council aim to deliver?

  • Ensure transparency and accountability
  • Plan long term for the future of the City
  • Communicate with our community
  • Ensure our community feels heard and understood
  • Ensure efficient and effective processes
  • Be easily accessible to all members of our community

Safe and Healthy Community

What does Council aim to deliver?

  • Create safe spaces and places
  • Promote safety and safe behaviours
  • Be responsive to emergencies
  • Monitor and enforce public health and safety
  • Provide services and facilities that make recreation a part of everyday life
  • Promote participation across a variety of sports and recreation
  • Promote services that support the community
  • Provide services that support the community

Growing Economy

What does Council aim to deliver?

  • Ensure complete and accessible transport networks
  • Encourage business investment to ensure the city is a leading centre for freight and logistics
  • Attract and support local businesses and industry
  • Promote our city and villages
  • Accommodate and provide support to visitors
  • Provide a variety of events, festivals and activities
  • Provide education and learning opportunities
  • Provide career opportunities
  • Encourage vibrant precincts

Community Place and Identity

What does Council aim to deliver?

  • Promote a strong sense of place
  • Value our heritage
  • Provide services that contribute to a family friendly city
  • Provide services and facilities that make us a centre for arts and culture
  • Activate community spaces to promote connectedness
  • Provide programs and activities to bring us together

The Environment

What does Council aim to deliver?

  • Ensure sustainable urban development
  • Provide healthy natural areas
  • Look after and maintain community assets
  • Create an attractive city
  • Improve the facilities of our spaces and places
  • Educate the community in sustainability
  • Be proactive with waste management
  • Minimise our impact on the environment