Public Exhibitions

Public Exhibitions give you the chance to have your say on important documents generated by Wagga Wagga City Council.

Hard copies of these documents are available for inspection at the customer service desk at Wagga Wagga City Council (corner of Baylis and Morrow Streets) for at least 28 days from the date they were first advertised in Council News, which can be read online, or in the Weekend Advertiser.

What's on public exhibition?

DocumentSubmission Due Date
Annual Financial Statements 2018/19 (6.9 MB)02 Dec 2019
Aim: The 2018/19 Annual Financial Statements have been prepared and Council’s external auditors, NSW Audit Office have completed their audit. To allow community feedback, the 2018/19 Audited Financial Statements are placed on public exhibition until 02 December 2019 and Council invites any public submissions until this date.

Exhibition of Draft Amendment to Wagga Wagga LEP 201006 Dec 2019
Aim: To exhibit the documentation associated with Planning Proposal LEP19/0006. LEP19/0006 proposes an amendment to rezone land to B2 Local Centre and remove land from the Land Reservation Acquisition Map. Council has been authorised as the local plan-making authority for this planning proposal

Draft Complaints Management Policy (286.5 KB)10 Dec 2019
Aim: A review of Council’s Complaint Handling Policy has been undertaken in conjunction with recent ongoing process improvements such as on-line complaints, identified responsibilities and system improvements for monitoring and reporting. The Complaints Handling Policy has been amended to ensure clarity and consistency across the complaint handling process. As part of the review, consideration was given to methods available to lodge a complaint, clear time-frames to support actioning, Council’s and the complainant’s obligations, explanation of time-frames relating to the monitoring and reporting of complaints, all with reference to the NSW Ombudsman’s guidance material for complaint handling in local government. To allow community feedback on the Policy, the Policy is placed on public exhibition for 28 days from 29 October to 27 November 2019 and invite public submission until 10 December 2019.

Draft Roadside Memorials Policy (151.3 KB)10 Dec 2019
Aim: Councils Draft Roadside Memorials Policy (POL118) has been developed to provide guidance for Councils Operational staff, families and the community on the installation and removal of roadside memorials or tributes along Council’s roadsides. This policy applies to all roads and public spaces under the care and control of Council. It does not apply to the Olympic, Hume or Sturt Highways. To allow community feedback on the Policy, the Policy is placed on public exhibition for 28 days from 29 October to 27 November 2019 and invite public submission until 10 December 2019.

Other opportunities to comment

How to make a submission

Persons wishing to make a submission in relation to Public Exhibition documentation should do so prior to the close of the exhibition period.

A Public Submission Form is available online.

A printable version of the Public Submission Form is also available and can be submitted using the methods below.

Mail to:

The General Manager
Wagga Wagga City Council
PO Box 20
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Email to:

Deliver to:

Civic Centre Customer Service
Cnr Baylis and Morrow Streets

Any questions relating to the Public Exhibition documentation may be referred to Council on 1300 292 442.

Important information regarding your submission

Persons making written submissions are advised that any submission received within the submission period will be subject to the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (PIPPA) and may be attached to the final report, in its entirety or in part, to Council unless explicitly requested by the person making the submission that they do not wish this to occur.