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Road safety is an ongoing concern with crashes continuing to occur on our roads. The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) report that during 2010, there were 42,299 recorded road crashes in New South Wales. Of these, 19,336 were casualty crashes. There were 405 people killed and 24,623 injured. The number of people killed was down by 48 (11%) on the previous year and was the second lowest annual fatality total since 1944. The estimated cost to the community of these road crashes using the Willingness to Pay method was around $5,100 million. Also during 2010 the number of persons killed in road crashes in New South Wales per 100,000 population was 5.6. This is the second lowest since records were first compiled in 1908.

Country roads accounted for 34% of all crashes in 2010, but 68% of fatal crashes.

Did you know?

If there is a speed limit sign on a length of road, that is the speed limit applying to that length of road.

If a speed limit sign does not apply to a length of road and the length of road is not in a speed limited area, school zone or shared zone, the speed limit applying to a driver for the length of road is the default speed limit.

The "default speed limit" applying to a driver for a length of road in a built-up area is 50 kilometres per hour.

A built-up area briefly in relation to a length of road is where there are

(a) buildings, not over 100 metres apart, on land next to the road,

(b) street lights not over 100 metres apart.

Simply, if you are driving in an urban area, ie the townships of Wagga Wagga, Coolamon, Junee etc, the speed limit is 50 kilometres per hour unless there is a sign stating another speed, eg 60 kph, 80 kph.Something to be aware of!  If you are driving on a road that has an 80 kph speed limit, eg Holbrook Road Wagga Wagga and you turn off that road to one of the sub-divisions, unless the road you turned into has a speed limit sign, that road is the default urban speed limit (50 kph).


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