Emergency Management

The Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC)  holds quarterly meetings to strategically plan for emergencies.

The LEMC is attended by representatives of the combat agencies, functional areas and support agencies that are involved in managing an emergency.

Depending on the emergency, under the NSW State Emergency and Rescue Management Act 1989 (SERM Act) different combat agencies are required to manage the emergency e.g.:

  • Bushfire – Rural Fire Service
  • Flood – State Emergency Service
  • Urban Fire – Fire and Rescue
  • Hazmat – Fire and Rescue
  • Animal and Plant Pests and disease – NSW Department of Primary Industries
  • Major Transportation Incident - Police

In accordance with the SERM Act, Wagga Wagga City Council provide:

  • Provide a Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO) to support the Local Emergency Operations Controller (LEOCON)
  • Provide and maintain an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).
  • Provide a liaison officer to the EOC.
  • Provide trained staff for administrative duties when the EOC is operational.
  • Provide personnel, plant, equipment, services and material resources as available and required during emergency response and recovery operations.
  • Provide expertise and support, as requested, to the emergency services, combat agencies and functional areas identified in the Local Emergency Management Plan (copy here)
  • Assume a lead role in Local recovery operations.

During emergencies Council will provide relevant information to the community via our website.