Road and Nature Strip Permits

To help you obtain appropriate approvals and assist in your works planning for any works in or on a road, road reserve or nature strip, (such as constructing a driveway, planting out your nature strip or carrying out services work) please refer to the guidelines and link to the application forms below.

Application Forms

Section 138 - Work on a Road Reserve Application Form (PDF, 245.1 KB)

Hoarding Permit Application (PDF, 92.4 KB)

Application for Consent to Operate a Crane on the Road Reserve (PDF, 279.9 KB)

Speed Zone Authorisation Application (PDF, 106.8 KB)

Landscaping of Nature Strips - Guidelines and Application (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Application for Grazing Stock on Council Roads (PDF, 148.9 KB)

If you wish to apply to graze sheep or cattle on the roadside you are required to submit a Stock Grazing Permit. On submission of your application you must also provide a copy of your $20 million Public Liability Insurance.


Traffic Control Plan Risk Assessment Checklist (PDF, 114.6 KB)

Portable Traffic Signals (PDF, 95.9 KB)

Location Risk Assessment (PDF, 74.7 KB)

Long Term Worksites Weekly Checklist (PDF, 113.9 KB)

Short Term Worksites Daily Checklist (PDF, 115.3 KB)

Site Supervisor Audit Checklist (PDF, 106.0 KB)


Requirements for Underboring a Road (PDF, 21.0 KB)

Engineering Guidelines for Road Reinstatement (PDF, 18.1 KB)