Pressure Sewerage Network

Pressure Sewerage Network

Service Areas

In 2003 Council implemented a pilot pressure sewer scheme in select areas of the Wagga Wagga service area. This measure was undertaken in order to provide an economical alternative of providing sewerage service to residents and businesses where conventional gravity sewerage systems would have been exceedingly costly to implement.

These were primarily outlying areas where development densities were low, topography was flat, and soils and groundwater conditions were not appropriate for septic systems. New connections have been added since the inception of the pressure sewer scheme, and Council now has approx. 500 pressure sewer connections in operation. The areas served by the pressure sewer schemes are East Wagga, Gumly Gumly, Collingullie and Riverview Estate.

System and Maintenance

The Wagga Wagga pressure sewer scheme consists of a package grinder pump station at each service connection. Each grinder station is equipped with an alarm system that alerts the residents in the event of high liquid levels or pump failure.

Council staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any emergencies that may arise with the pressure sewer system. Phone 1300 292 442. Please refer to the Owners Manual for more information.

Sewage is pumped to a small diameter PVC main that discharges to the City’s conventional gravity sewerage system. The pressure sewers are typically of smaller diameter, and are in installed at shallower depths than the sewers of a conventional gravity system. Council has a pool of 12 standby refurbished pumps. These are used to replace faulty pumps, which are refurbished by WWCC maintenance staff and then returned to the pool. Council’s assessment of pump life expectancy is approximately 7 years.

Installation Advice

The pressure sewer system installation is at full cost to the developer, and upon completion is turned over to Council, which then owns and maintains the pump unit. There are accredited installers to request a quote to install. Please refer to the how to connect page for more information..


Council charges an additional annual pump maintenance fee from each pressure sewer customer above the charge for conventional sewerage customers. This fee is for a 24/7 service and covers parts and labour. Additionally, each pressure sewer customer is required to pay for the cost of power needed to operate their own grinder station.