Pressure Sewerage System - How to Connect

Pressure Sewerage Network

How to connect

Connection to Wagga Wagga City Council’s pressure sewer grid is at full cost to the property owner and the installation cost will vary, according to the site specific works required to connect your property.

In order to connect Customers are required to contact one, or all, of the following licensed plumbers, who are approved E1 pressure sewer system installers. These approved plumbers will be able to provide you with a quote for the required site specific installation works to be conducted for your property.

Approved E1 sewer system installers:
  • Keough’s Plumbing: Ph. 69254647
  • Greg Charleson Plumbing: Ph. 0412 694 922
  • Riverina Plumbing Service: Ph. 0419 161 809
  • Power’s Plumbing: Ph. 69321888
  • Ahern’s Plumbing Service: Ph. 0417 676 064
  • Pieper Plumbing and Roofing: Ph. 0400 263 891

On selection of a plumber and acceptance of their quote, Customers need to forward the quote on to WWCC, either by dropping this in to the Customer Service Desk, or emailing it to The successful plumber will carry out the installation under a Council permit, and the work will be inspected by a Council Plumbing Inspector.

Added to this quote, will be the cost of the pressure sewer system and a Sewer Development Servicing Plan Developer Charge (Section 64) contribution, listed in Council's Fees & Charges.

The Section 64 contribution applies to all new connections to sewer and goes toward the cost of building and maintaining the sewer grid and treatment works.

A Cost Schedule will be created for the proposed works, and will sent to you for your approval and signature.

A deposit of 10% is required for commencement of works, and upon commissioning of the completed installation, a final invoice will be issued for the outstanding amount, to be paid within 30 days of its receipt.

If you have any questions in regard to pressure sewer connections, please contact Council on 1300 292442.