San Isidore Sewer

Resident Update - May 2017

The results of the recent survey regarding the proposal to connect San Isidore to the city’s sewer system have been collated.

A total of 63 San Isidore landowners completed the survey, with 48 (76%) in favour of the proposal.

Residents outside of Wagga Wagga were also given the opportunity to complete the survey online. The six residents that took this opportunity all voted in favour of the proposal.

The return rate from San Isidore residents was high for a survey of this nature, with landowners from 52% of 122 properties completing it.

The City of Wagga Wagga will now undertake a more detailed cost analysis of the project and present these costings along with the results of this survey to Councillors.

When a decision has been made on how to proceed a Community Information Session will be held in San Isidore to update residents.

Resident Update - March 2017

Fact Sheet- March 2017 Update

The City of Wagga Wagga is currently checking in with the San Isidore community to find out whether or not they want the village to be connected to the city’s conventional sewerage system.

Council was successful in receiving a grant application to cover 35% of the $4M estimated cost of the planning and construction required to complete the connection, however this will not cover the ongoing operational cost to maintain the connection.

The remaining $2.57M will need to be found within the existing budget and will have to be at the expense of other projects and services. A Council resolution will be required to determine whether or not the remaining funds to proceed with the project will be allocated.

If San Isidore is connected it is estimated that the ongoing maintenance costs would possibly equate to an extra $8 a year for every Wagga Wagga rate payer connected to sewer.

Now that the City has a better understanding of the costs involved the City is providing residents with another opportunity to formally have a say on this issue.

The broader community will also be given the opportunity to provide input direct to Council or online at

Resident Update - March 2016

The City of Wagga Wagga has been successful in proceeding to the second round of the NSW State Government's Regional Water and Wastewater Backlog Program for an application to partially fund a sewer network in San Isidore.

A detailed design will now be prepared as a part of the second round submission. It is not clear when a decision on successful applications will be made.

A sewer network for San Isidore will be included as a concept in the draft Long Term Financial Plan 2016-26, which will be placed on public exhibition in May 2016.

Resident Update - September 2015

Wagga Wagga City Council recently provided the residents of San Isidore with information relating to the NSW State Government's Regional Water and Wastewater Backlog Program.

The information provided to the residents of San Isidore, was to inform them of grant funding opportunities in which Council could service the village with a new village sewer network to help eliminate the need for Onsite Sewer Management Systems.

Council staff hosted an additional information workshop with residents to discuss this opportunity and allow residents to voice any concerns they may have at the San Isidore Church Hall on Wednesday 18 August 2015.

A total of 63 surveys were returned to Council and around 25 residents attended the community information session.

The results of this consultation demonstrate that the majority of residents support this opportunity.

Council staff has submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the NSW State Government's Regional Water and Wastewater Backlog Program to fund the potential construction phase of the village sewer project.

If the funding application is successful it will be matter for Council to decide to accept the funding and proceed with the project.

If the EOI funding request is successful, Council staff will then be required to undertake a full detailed design and project investigation, including project costs.

Further consultation with the community will occur during this detailed design stage and upon completion, a recommendation from will be provided to Council to either proceed with the project or to decline the offer.

This recommendation will be based upon community support, available properties to connect and the financial viability of the project.

It is not known when a decision on the EOI stage will be made. Council staff will continue to keep the residents of San Isidore informed about this potential project.

You can read more in the fact sheet and minutes from the information session by clicking the links below.

Fact Sheet

Community Information Session Minutes- 18 August 2015