Stormwater Management Levy

The Annual Stormwater Levy is intended to enable the progressive delivery of a range of fundamental improvements to the stormwater system for the greater community, it's not about individual properties.

Some of the planned improvements include;

  • improved water quality of receiving waterways into which stormwater is discharged
  • reduced risk of localised flooding
  • reduced risks to the general public associated with stormwater and related infrastructure
  • increased stormwater harvesting and re-use
  • education of the greater community to ensure that an understanding and appreciation of the total stormwater environment and encourage community  acceptance and ownership of the stormwater system
  • integration of stormwater management initiatives within other regulatory authority regional management plans.

The maintenance and operation of Council's stormwater system is funded from the general budget and has been largely limited to the day to day operation of the system, with only minimal preventative maintenance, asset augmentation and renewal works being undertaken.

Recognising that the traditional funding mechanisms are limited and are not adequate to fund the maintenance of key public infrastructure in a serviceable and safe condition, the State Government amended the Local Government Act to encourage Councils to implement a program of major improvements for the management of stormwater through the introduction of a stormwater charge.

In accordance with the Local Government (General) Amendment (Stormwater) Regulation 2006 under the Local Government Act 1993, Councils are encouraged to implement a stormwater charge to facilitate works to improve the management of stormwater in their local area.

By implementing the charge, Wagga Wagga City Council will be able to raise funds in addition to the existing funds already allocated to stormwater management assisting Council with the delivery of critical works to improve water quality, reduce the risk of local flooding and optimise opportunities for stormwater harvesting.