About traffic, nature strips and lighting

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Wagga Wagga City Council's Traffic is part of Infrastructure Services. The branch exists to provide governance in the area of traffic and transport for the City of Wagga Wagga.  The Traffic Section is comprised of two Traffic Officers.

The Broad Function

  • Facilitate the Local Traffic Committee
  • Assist organisers of events that impact on traffic and the road network with the application process
  • Provide first-point-of-call for customers who seek Council's involvement in traffic or transport related issues

The Local Traffic Committee performs an advisory role to Council on issues that are the subject of delegations that are granted to Council by the RMS. Those delegations include the use of regulatory signs and other devices. The RMS document, 'A guide to the delegation to councils for the regulation  of traffic including the operation of Traffic Committees', describes the role and functions of the Local Traffic Committee.

Events that either occur on roads or have an impact on traffic are frequent in Wagga Wagga. They include the annual ANZAC Day parade, Toy Run, sporting events such as the Trail Marathon. The process for obtaining permission to hold an event can be complicated.  Traffic Officers often assist applicants  with aspects of their application and then present the completed application to the Local Traffic Committee for consideration.

The Traffic Section can be contacted through the main Council contact number, 1300 292 442 or by email at traffic@wagga.nsw.gov.au

Public Transport

Busabout provide public transport to most of the City, their timetable is available here.