Building Resilience to Climate Change

Building Resilience to Climate Change

The Building Resilience to Climate Change program was a partnership program between Local Government NSW (LGNSW) and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to address identified climate change risks and vulnerabilities facing NSW councils.

The Building Resilience to Climate Change program was been established to encourage:

  • Enhanced consideration of climate change impacts in local and regional decision making
  • Implementation of climate change adaptation beyond current projects and programs
  • Fostering of adaptive capacity in Local Government through a community of practitioners across professional disciplines with direct experience in implementing adaptation responses across NSW
  • Delivery of projects that minimise climate change impacts for local and regional decision makers.

Wagga Wagga City Council partnered with EDGE Environment to receive $58,756 in funding to undertake a risk analysis of key Council assets and develop ‘Adaptation Action Plans for Priority Infrastructure and Vulnerable Communities’ which included developing an online mapping tool that identifies priority infrastructure and assets to help inform renewal and maintenance schedules and prioritise funding of adaptation projects.

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