Roadside Vegetation Management

The value of roadside vegetation is increasingly being recognised and appreciated. These areas provide a variety of ecosystem services, including:

  • remnant vegetation acts as a corridor between otherwise isolated native vegetation stands, linking different native vegetation communities
  • habitat for native species and important refuges for feeding, shelter and breeding, including threatened native plant and animal species and communities
  • vegetated roadsides play a significant role in soil conservation and stormwater quality
  • ground-cover vegetation helps prevent soil eroding on the road shoulder and in table drains
  • vegetation filters sediment and pollutants from road runoff such as petrochemicals, improving water quality entering watercourses and protecting adjacent vegetation patches from stormwater impacts
  • well managed native vegetation reduces weed maintenance pressure and acts as an effective means of weed control.

Wagga Wagga City Council developed the 'Wagga Wagga Roadside Vegetation Management Plan' with funding from Local Government NSW and the NSW Environmental Trust, in partnership with Lockhart Shire Council. The aim of this plan is to protect and enhance these vital areas of vegetation into the future.

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