Schools National Tree Day 2020

Schools Tree Day will be held on Friday 31 July 2020.

Wagga Wagga City Council is excited to again support local schools and preschools to get involved in the event through the supply of FREE seedlings. We do however need commitment early to secure our order.

If your school would like seedlings for Schools Tree Day in 2020 please complete the seedling request form and return to Council by Monday 23 March. Completed forms can be returned to

Planting grasses, shrubs and trees in our environment is important as they:

  • Provide habitat and food for bugs, birds, lizards and mammals
  • Help strengthen vegetation corridors that allow our native birds and mammals to travel safely through our urban environment
  • Help cool playgrounds with shade and provide cooler surfaces compared to concrete and asphalt
  • Improve health, happiness and well being – with lots of scientific evidence to support this
  • Contribute to replacing the 90% of native vegetation that has been cleared since European settlement
  • Take up carbon dioxide, a significant contributing greenhouse gas to climate change

You can register your event with Planet Ark to access resources, activity sheets and tools to help in your event and engage your students in Schools Tree Day.