Weeds within the Wagga Wagga City Council area have the potential to pose a serious threat to our natural environment, agricultural productivity and the health of the community. Weeds of concern will be different depending on whether you are a primary producer, live on a small acreage or live in a suburban area.

Private land owners or occupiers of land are required under the Biosecurity Act 2015 to control any bio security weed risk which maybe present on their property. Wagga Wagga City Council's Vegetation Management team provide advice on weed control issues and carry out regular property inspections. For advice on weed identification and control methods please contact the Vegetation Management Team on 1300 292 442.

To view Council's Pesticide Use Notification Plan.

Riverina Regional Strategic Weeds Management Plan

The Riverina Regional Strategic Weeds Management Plan has been developed as part of the NSW Government’s Biosecurity reforms, which identified the need for a more coordinated approach to managing weeds. Within this Riverina Regional Strategic Weeds Management Plan there are two main categories of Priority Weeds;

  • “State Priority Weeds”
  • “Regional Priority Weeds”

It also lists;

  • “Other Weeds of Regional Concern”

Both “State Priority Weeds” and “Regional Priority Weeds” have specific measures for the control of individual weed species.

The “Other Weeds of Regional Concern” have been put through a Weed Risk Assessment process which identifies outcomes for these weeds. These weeds can be described as local priority weeds.

You can download a A PDF copy of the Riverina Regional Strategic Weeds Management Plan from the Riverina Local Land Services website.

Regional Priority Weed search for the Riverina

Red Guide Posts

Have you noticed Red Guide Posts whilst travelling around our region?  These Red Guide Posts are important tools that notify road users, farmers and contractors that high risk weeds are present in the roadside vegetation.  This means you should avoid stopping in these areas in case these weeds hitchhike on your vehicle and spread to other areas.

The start and end of infested areas are clearly marked by Red Guide Posts on both sides of the road. Information relating to the particular high risk weeds present and relevant action required can be found on accompanying Roadside Signage/Red Guide Posts.

Red Guide Posts have been installed on roadsides all over the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area and their locations can be found on the Wagga Wagga City Council Red Guide Post Map. For further information on the Red Guide Post program visit http://www.riverinaweeds.org.au/.

Be WeedWise

Wise up to damaging and destructive Weeds by downloading the NSW WeedWise App. With this app you will have instant access to weed profiles, legal requirements and control options for more than 300 Weeds.

The app can be downloaded for free from itunes or Google Play

Useful links

Further information regarding weeds can be found at the following websites.

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