Heritage Grants

In association with the NSW Heritage Branch of the Office of Environment and Heritage, Wagga Wagga City Council provides grants to assist owners to undertake preservation works to Items of Environmental Heritage or properties located within Wagga Wagga's Heritage Conservation Area. The maximum amount available for any single application is $16,800 (category total). It is advised however that as a minimum, applicants must contribute at least 50% of total project costs.

Aim of the Fund

The aim of the local heritage grants category is to facilitate the development of Wagga Wagga as a major cultural centre and develop a 'keeping place' for our heritage as outlined Council's Community Strategic Plan 2011-2021:Vision 2030 Future Direction: A rich and vibrant cultural centre.

What Type of Projects may be Funded?

As a guide, local heritage grant funded projects may include (and not be limited to):

  • Conservation works and maintenance works projects;
  • Adaptive reuse projects;
  • Interpretation projects
  • Conservation management plans.

Generally funding will not be provided for:

  • New buildings or works.
  • Routine maintenance.
  • Purchase of heritage buildings.
  • Relocation of buildings or work to relocated buildings.
  • Flood lighting of heritage buildings
  • Purcahse of equipment
  • Moveable railway heritage items.

Examples of Eligible Project's

  • Reroofing or re-guttering a dwelling in the conservation area.
  • Repainting a building in conservation area.
  • Repair works to a heritrage item.
  • Reinstatement of original features to a dwelling or heritage item.

How Can I Apply?

Information on the grants period and how to apply can be found under the 'Grants' section of Council's website.

Please note:

  • As a minimum applicants must contribute at least 50% of total project costs
  • All projects should be discussed with Council's Planning Directorate.
  • All projects must be completed by the 1 May following a successful application.