Commuting by bike

Commuting by bike

Cycle commuting is the way to go. It is cost effective, good for the environment and improves your health, fitness, finances and vitality at work.

The route
It is worth planning your route carefully. Making use of bike lanes, bike paths and relatively quiet streets in the route will make your ride safer and more pleasant. Sometimes a road parallel to a major road provides lower traffic volumes and better cycling.

The time it will take
Travel by bike can be faster than travel by motor vehicle where traffic is often congested in central business districts and near other commuter nodes.

Some people gradually increase the distance cycled as they increase in fitness and confidence.
Some people cycle to a railway station. Bicycle lockers, if available, provide safe storage for bikes and other gear. Other people cycle to the local bus stop and lock the bike securely nearby.

Bicycle friendly workplaces
Encouraging your employees to ride to work can reap benefits. Employees who are fit and healthy have a higher level of job satisfaction perform better at work and have better health. Cycling to work saves on car parking spaces and fuel.

Providing end-of-trip facilities is the main thing employers can do to encourage employees to cycle. These can include:

  • a safe, well-lit, secure place to store bicycles
  • showers and change rooms
  • lockers to store towels, work clothes and riding clothes
  • basic bicycle tools such as a floor pump and tyre repair kit.

Many employers might not be able to provide all of these, but could:

  • negotiate access to nearby facilities in gyms or clubs. This could include negotiating non-peak rates or concession memberships if available
  • provide facilities in cooperation with other nearby businesses
  • reimburse employees who incur costs such as gym fees, bike storage fees or bicycle maintenance.

The exact needs of employees can vary according to the type of business and the location of the workplace. Employers could encourage a workplace bicycle user group, which can provide feedback on the needs of employees who ride.