Athletics track conditions of use

1. Bookings

Booking requests are to be submitted through the Sportsground Hire Application Form. Mondays are scheduled for track maintenance and are not available for bookings.

2. Cancellations

Cancellations of dates or rescheduling (not because of wet weather) are to be submitted by email to Council’s Bookings Officer on

3. Wet Weather Cancellations

Each year there are limited number of days available for rescheduling, when these dates are gone we are unable to open additional dates as the track is closed from 1 June.

In the case of wet weather rendering the track unfit for use on the day and the track is closed, contact the Bookings Officer to organise an alternate date.

If you decide to cancel your booking due to wet weather, however the track has not been closed; Council will not reschedule your booking.  Only bookings cancelled due to the track being closed will have the opportunity to be rescheduled.

If there are any days available after all carnivals have been completed in mid-May before the combined school carnivals start, Council will contact you and advise availability.  Otherwise, your school will need to make alternate arrangements.

4. Kiosk

Kiosk services are supplied by Wagga Touch Association on or 6931 2290 or Wagga Wagga Combined Hockey Association on Please make contact with one of these clubs if kiosk facilities are required for your event.

5. Amenities

Council would like to advise that the new external toilet block will be made available for use on the day of your carnival.

There will be a cleaning fee added to your booking fee for the track to cover the cost of cleaning for the toilet block. The toilets will be cleaned at the completion of every carnival.

6. Cleaning of grounds

Council requires that the grounds be left in a clean and tidy condition with no damage to any part of the area. Emptying of the bins throughout the course of the day will be the responsibility of the Hirer.

In the event of the Council having to clean the fields, using its own employees, the costs of cleaning will be charged to and recovered from the Hirer.

7. Provision of equipment

Equipment for the carnival can be borrowed from Council for your event. Equipment borrowed must be recorded in the Equipment Register and signed off by a representative of the Hirer. Costs to repair/replace any damaged equipment/facilities provided by council will be billed to the Hirer. Ground staff will be available to help with the set up and pack up of equipment. Ground staff can only be contacted throughout the day for emergencies such as equipment failure.

Council will not provide a PA system as part of any booking. A PA system can be arranged through Wagga Little Athletics or Kooringal Little Athletics Clubs.

8. Running track spikes

Running track spikes are allowed for track events. School make the decision on whether track spikes are to be worn by students. Schools are responsible to check shoes to ensure they are running shoes and not football boots.

9. Marking of athletic track

Track marking is professionally done during athletic season. At no time is any person allowed to make markings on the track. Costs to repair damages/markings on track will be billed to the Hirer.

10. Location of power supplies

Location of power supplies at the athletics track are as follows:

  • 2 x 10amp external power points are available for use outside the greenkeeper's shed (only available power points if Hirer isn’t using kiosk facilities)
  • 4 x 15amp power points available on the Green Mushroom inside athletics track
  • 1 x 10amp power point behind time keepers grandstand
  • 4 x 10amp power points inside record keepers shed

The following restrictions are to be adhered to by all Hirers:

  • One appliance per power point is allowed
  • Industrial grade/Heavy Duty extension leads are required
  • No power boards
  • All appliances/extension leads to be tested and tagged

11. Motor vehicles

Motor vehicles are not to be driven into the athletic track area without prior authorisation from Council’s athletic track supervisor. Motor vehicles are not to be driven onto the athletic track, except in cases of emergency.

Failure to observe this requirement will be treated as a serious issue by the Council, and could result in loss of access to the facility and/or legal proceedings being taken against any offenders apprehended.

12. Portable structures

Portable structures are not to be erected without prior authorisation from Council’s park supervisor. The Parks supervisor is to be consulted as to where the best locations are to set up portable structures, to avoid damage to underground services.

13. Chairs and tables

Chairs and tables must be set up on level ground. Chairs with stable triangle shape footing, e.g. white plastic garden chairs are more suitable being used in grassed areas. Council does not supply chairs and tables for events.

14. Barbeques

Barbeques are to be supplied by the Hirer. A mat/tray is to be placed under barbeques to avoid any damage to ground or grass by grease. Hirer is responsible to clean any damage caused by barbeques.

15. Public liability insurance

All hirers operating equipment, rides or sports related activities must provide a copy of certificate of current public liability insurance at the time of making a booking. The minimum cover required is $20,000,000. Without this insurance, hirers could be successfully personally sued. The Hirer unconditionally releases all claims, suits, demands, actions or proceedings (whether at law, in equity or arising under any statute) which The Hirer has or may have against Wagga Wagga City Council, its councillors, officers, employees or agents (other than The Hirer) arising out of or in connection with an act, default or omission of The Hirer or any of its officers, employees or agents. The Hirer agrees not to sue or make any claim or demand against the Wagga Wagga City Council, its councillors, officers, employees or agents in respect of matters covered by this release.

The Hirer indemnifies, holds harmless and defends the Wagga Wagga City Council, its councillors, officers, employees or agents (other than The Hirer) against loss (including legal costs and expenses) or liability reasonably incurred or sustained by any of the indemnified persons arising from a claim, suit, demand, action or proceeding by any person against any of the indemnified persons where the loss or liability arises out of or in connection with an act, default or omission of The Hirer or any of its officers, employees, clients, invitees or agents.

The Hirer agrees that indemnity granted under this clause shall continue in full force and effect irrespective of the fact that this Agreement may have terminated.