All sportsground bookings are subject to user fees, these fees differ depending upon whether the usage is seasonal or casual.

Pre-season training bookings will not be subject to a casual users fee rather come under the regular seasonal allocation fee (e.g. winter season allocation sports will not be charged for pre-season training bookings within the summer season allocation period) except in the case of users who require the use of lights or unscheduled maintenance resulting from their use of the facility. In this case users will be charged accordingly as specified by Council.

Associations/Clubs wishing to book a Council sportsground that do not pay sporting season allocation fees will be required to book the sportsground as a casual user and pay the associated fee defined in Council's Revenue and Pricing Policy.

The below shows the pricing schedule for the hire costs associated with Council's sportsgrounds. Council's fees and charges are updated annually and new rates are available from July 1.

All prices shown are inclusive of GST.

Sportsground hire fees

Sportsgrounds Description Cost
Seasonal sportsground user  Per Junior Player $21.00
Seasonal sportsground user  Per Senior Player $29.00
Casual hire  Private event - up to 8 hours $95.00
Event - small Less than 1,000 people - Not for Profit organisations $95.00
Event - medium More than 1,000 people - Not for Profit organisations $155.00
Event - small Up to 1,000 people - Commercial $150.00
Event - medium      1,001 to 4,000 people - Commercial  $375.00
Event - large More than 4,000 people - Commercial $2,470.00     
Event - small (bond)     Up to 1,000 people attending $1,195.00
Event - medium (bond) 1,001 to 4,000 people attending $5,095.00
Event - large (bond) More than 4,000 people attending $10,630.00
Special Event - Athletics Track    

Special events e.g. School Athletics Carnival

Amenities cleaning



Sportsground lighting fees

Sportsgrounds - lighting call out fee for manual lighting operationEach$105.00
Sportsgrounds - lighting call out fee for cloud master operationEach$27.00
Anderson Oval lighting feeHour$14.00
Ashmont Oval lighting feeHour$6.00
Bolton Park - Training lighting feeHour$28.00
Bolton Park Lighting - Competition Lighting feeHour$50.00
Conolly Park field 1 Competition Standard lighting feeHour$15.00
Conolly Park field 1 Training Standard lighting feeHour$9.00
Conolly Park field 2 lighting feeHour$11.00
Conolly Park field 3 lighting feeHour$4.50
Duke of Kent - field 1 lighting feeHour$5.00
Duke of Kent - field 2 lighting fee Hour$7.00
Forest Hill amenities building lighting feeHour$2.50
French Fields lower ground lighting feeHour$18.00
French Fields upper ground lighting feeHour$1.00
Gissing Oval training goal area lighting feeHour$3.00
Gissing Oval training area south per area lighting feeHour$9.50
Gissing Oval training area east per area lighting feeHour$5.00
Gissing Main Oval lighting feeHour$23.00
Glenfield Park Oval lighting feeHour$9.50
Harris Park lighting feeHour$11.00
Henwood Park lower field lighting fee per groundHour$8.50
Henwood  Park upper field lighting fee per groundHour$6.50
Jubilee Park - Touch Fields lighting fee per ground (Fields 1-4)Hour$7.00
Jubilee Park - Fields 9, 10 & 11 lighting fee per groundHour$14.00
Jubilee Park - Fields 12 and 13 lighting fee per groundHour$4.00
Jubilee Park - Fields 14 and 15 lighting fee per groundHour$4.00
Jubilee Park Synthetic Hockey 1 Field lighting fee per groundHour$55.00
Jubilee Park Hockey Field 2 lighting fee per ground Hour $24.00
Jubilee Park Hockey Field 2 lighting fee per ground Hour $12.00
Kessler Park - Main FieldHour$13.00
Kessler Park - Western trainingHour$4.50
Kessler Park - Eastern trainingHour$4.00
Lake Albert Oval lighting feeHour$15.00
McDonalds Park (Exhibition Centre) Training lightingHour$14.00
McDonalds Park (Exhibition Centre) Competition lightingHour$27.00
McPherson Oval lighting feeHour$12.00
Parramore Park (Exhibition Centre) 3 FieldsHour$32.00
Parramore Park - West LightsHour$16.00
Parramore Park - East LightsHour$16.00
Rawlings Park North per field lighting feeHour$15.00
Rawlings Park 1 per field lighting fee trainingHour$15.00
Rawlings Park 1 per field lighting fee MatchHour$29.00
Robertson Oval - Training lighting fee (250 lux)Hour$65.00
Robertson Oval - Competition lighting fee (500 lux)Hour$125.00
Uranquinty Oval lighting feeHour$3.00
Wagga Cricket Ground cycle track lighting feeHour$17.00
Wagga Cricket Ground lighting feeHour$31.00