Notification - Large social gathering

Please fill out this form to notify Council of a large social gathering in a park or reserve. Please be aware that this does not secure your place at a park or reserve. If you wish to book and secure a location, please fill out an application to hire a park or reserve.

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Applicant information
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Describe your intended use of the facility
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Will you be erecting a jumping castle? * $20million Public Liability Insurance to be provided by the operator

Your commitments as a Hirer

The Hirer understands that a park is a public space and even though Council has been notified of the event we do not have exclusive use of the nominated area, BBQ, playground area or equipment.

The Hirer understands that marquees, tents, shade covers, areas cordoned off with ropes, sign or barricades are not permitted, and that jumping castles or other rides are not to be erected without Council’s permission.

The Hirer understands food and drink or any other items can not be sold at the event.

The Hirer understands not to hold any activities at the event that will cause discomfort, disrupt or interfere with enjoyment of other park users.

The Hirer understands loud music and a PA system are not allowed to be used at the event.

The Hirer has read and understood the Conditions of Use for a large social group in a park and agrees to abide by these conditions.

Attach public liability insurance

Evidence of current public liability insurance with a minimum cover $20M for incorporated bodies, sporting clubs and associations, commercial hirers & community groups.