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Recreation, Open Space and Community Strategy and Implementation Plan 2040

Recreation, Open Space and Community Strategy and Implementation Plan 2040

By developing the Recreation, Open Space and Community Strategy 2040 (ROSC) Wagga Wagga City Council is aiming to develop a connected, liveable city, providing strategic direction for the planning, development, management and use of community spaces over the next 20 years within the Wagga Wagga LGA.

It identifies the key community infrastructure that will be required to meet the anticipated growth within the city and responds to the community’s needs and desires as identified through community engagement activities. The ROSC has been developed using a place-based approach. It is recognised that there are significant differences between and within communities in terms of the demographic characteristics, their level of need and the configuration and accessibility of services.

The ROSC considers public spaces holistically across the LGA as well as in nine urban precincts and nine rural villages. Separate Action Plans have been developed for all Precincts and Villages in order to address the needs and desires of each community. Additionally, Major Project Implementation Plans have been developed to identify the required major projects and actions that impact on the broader city.

When combining the results of extensive community engagement and consultation activities and in consideration of best practice, five key themes emerged as strategic priorities for the city.

They are:

* Increase the activation of public spaces - Providing appropriate infrastructure, public spaces and community facilities will enable a wide variety of events and activities to be held

* Improve accessibility and connection - Accessibility and connection will be improved across the city and will become a key consideration in all future developments and redevelopments of public spaces

* Improve existing assets to maximise utilisation - Improvements in existing assets will enable better utilisation by the community. In many case these improvements will negate the need for the development of additional assets

* Improve community health - Community infrastructure and public spaces will be designed in order to improve community health outcomes

* Collaborate where possible - Partnerships will be sought to ensure the efficient provision of community infrastructure and public spaces.

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Previous Strategy

Recreation and Open Space Strategy download

Recreation and Open Space Strategy 2005 -2015 (1.04MB)

Plans of Management of Community Land

Active Travel Plan

The City of Wagga Wagga has developed the Active Travel Plan to guide the future planning and provision of cycling infrastructure in the Wagga Wagga Urban Area.

We will continue to work with State Government Agencies and other stakeholders in the implementation of this plan.

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For more information about the Active Travel Plan project, visit the project page here:

Multisport Cycling Complex

Wagga Wagga City Council has undertaken a feasibility study to assist the Wagga Wagga Combined Cycling Clubs to plan for the development of a Multisport Cycling Complex.

MultiSport Cycling Complex Feasibility Study September 2016 (PDF, 4.2 MB)

Review of Environmental Factors (PDF, 7.6 MB)

Playground Strategy 2016-2036

At the time of publish, Wagga Wagga had 91 playgrounds, each forming an important component to open space and providing play facilities to help improve children's physical, intellectual and social developments.

Ensuring quality existing and new playgrounds are available in Wagga today and for future generations is the purpose of a new guiding document – Playground Strategy 2016-2036.

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Bolton Park Master Plan 2019

In March 2018, COX Architecture were engaged to update the 2010 (Worley and Parsons) Bolton Park Master Plan. The update was deemed necessary due to a number of significant developments within and related to the Bolton Park complex.

The endorsed 2019 Bolton Park Master Plan has incorporated feedback received from extensive stakeholder and user consultation and during the public exhibition period and develops a logic for the park to be built upon. The insertion of a formal entry, shared street and strong links between each facility within the park will set the complex up for the future.

The co-location of PCYC and a new grandstand and stadium will strength the presence of sports along the city edge and provide a solid foundation for Wagga Wagga as the Riverina Regional Sporting Hub.

Bolton Park Master Plan 2019

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Sportsground Sponsorship Signage Strategy

The following strategy aims to provide details on the opportunities and limitations associated with the potential sale of sponsorship signage advertising rights for Council Sportsgrounds. It has been created due to Council identifying the potential opportunity to generate revenue for the maintenance and improvement of venues through the sale of additional sponsorship signage at venues, and through sporting clubs approaching Council requesting that they be afforded the opportunity to sell additional sponsorship signage at venues.

Sportsground Sponsorship Signage Strategy download

Sportsground Sponsorship Signage Strategy (PDF, 3.6 MB)

Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens Masterplan

This masterplan aims to blur the existing boundaries within the Botanic Gardens and create a more holistic space. The masterplan opens up the view and focuses on sustainability through better use of runoff and landform. There is a greater linkage of areas to encourage visitors to move throughout the gardens.

Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens Masterplan download

Botanic Gardens Masterplan (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Soccer Development Strategy

Wagga Wagga City Council has developed a City-wide strategy to guide the development of Soccer and Soccer Infrastructure in consultation with key soccer stakeholders.

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Lake Albert Management Plan 2009 - 2015