Wagga Wins!

A Hundred Reasons to call it HOME 

In recent years Wagga Wagga has received significant acknowledgement as a happy, family friendly place to live. 

Wagga is Australia's most Family Friendly City

Suncorp Bank produces the annual Family Friendly City Report where it monitors the most populated 30 cities in Australia and ranks them according to which city is the most family friendly across 10 key indicators including health, education, childcare, housing affordability and other criteria of importance to families. It’s findings indicate that crowded, stressful, urban areas and under serviced Eastern seaboard capitals are being upstaged by regional towns as being more family friendly. 


Add the 'Family Friendly' badge to your site or blog

In celebration of being named Australia's most Family Friendly city, Wagga Wagga City Council is encouraging businesses to share their Wagga pride using the below commemorative logo and email signature with pride. 

You can direct your readers to this page explaining our win using the link www.wagga.nsw.gov.au/waggawins.  


Family Friendly Download the logo here 



The Family Friendly City

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Family Friendly City 

Download the email footer here


The Riverina is the happiest part of Australia

Deakin University produces the Australian Wellbeing Unity Index which provides an electorate based measure of the subjective well being of the Australian population. Its report released in 2011 found that the residents of the Riverina, of which Wagga is the main centre, was the happiest in Australia.